"It was not you who chose me, it was I who chose you to go forth and bear fruit." ~~John 15:16~~

Friday, February 26, 2010

Killer Headline Book Signing

Thanks to all the wonderful folks who came to my book signing last night at Omega Book Center. Your support means so much to me.

Bookseller and store owner Karen Duncan always makes the signings so much fun. Last night, she had yummy brownies and delicious cheese rounds that everyone enjoyed. Plus, her refreshing herbal tea.
I'm donating the proceeds of the signing to the local ST Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, which helps the needy in the area. The photo shows me with the organization's president Sue Ford (right) and pantry coordinator Bonnie Fisher (left). Both gals, along with all the members, work hard to help folks facing difficult situations.

The names of everyone who bought a book went into a drawing. Last night's gift was a "Think Spring" cooler filled with lots of fun items with a spring theme. Bonnie Fisher won the drawing. "I'm so excited," she said when I called her with the news. "I never win."

KILLER HEADLINE is in bookstores and groceries across the country. Hope you'll consider adding it to your reading list.

As always, I'm praying for you!

Much love,