"It was not you who chose me, it was I who chose you to go forth and bear fruit." ~~John 15:16~~

Friday, July 16, 2010

Military Care Packages

Yesterday I stopped at WalMart and stocked up on some items to pack in a care box for my son in Iraq. He needed a headband-mounted flashlight for when he walks around his FOB--Forward Operating Base--at night. After finding the biggest and brightest light WalMart carried, I headed to the gum and candy aisle for some of his favorites--red licorice, DOTS, Gummy Bears. I tossed in specialty cracker, small cans of tuna, Chap stick, trail mix and a few other non-perishable items that would fill up the box.

If you're mailing to someone in the military, be sure to use the special boxes at the Post Office made especially for APO addresses. The boxes have a fixed rate that's a bit cheaper than other priority shipments.

Thanks for adding your prayers with mine for our men and women in uniform...as well as the loved ones who anxiously await their return.

I know so many people are struggling financially in these hard times. Let's pray for all those seeking employment or those who find it tough to make ends meet. Now might be a good time to make a donation to a local food pantry or other church-based organization that helps the poor in your area.

Prayers for all who are in hospitals or nursing homes, those scheduled for surgery or fighting cancer. Lord, keep them strong and allow them to feel your mercy and love.

As always, I'm praying for everyone in the Cross My Heart Prayer Team. May the work of our hands bear good fruit!

Love and prayers,

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