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Monday, January 28, 2013

Murder on the Menu 2013

Debby Giusti here!

Mix close to 100 readers with thirteen authors. Add four panel discussions where authors talk about books and writing, lots of time to mix and mingle, a yummy lunch as well as a book signing and what do you get? Murder on the Menu.

Friday, I drove to Montgomery, Alabama, for the annual event that benefits the Library System in nearby Wetumpka. That evening, authors and readers enjoyed a delicious Chinese dinner where the conversation focused on mystery and suspense.
L to R: Susan Hayes, Library Director, Susan's hubby, Debby McCarley,
Friends of the Wetumpka Library Programs Director, and author Sara DuBose.
L to R: Annette Barnes, Fran Holland, President of the Friends of
the Wetumpka Library (FOWL), and Debbie Herbert, FOWL Secretary
L to R: Authors Jennie Bentley, Debby Giusti, Lexi George,
and Laura Hayden
R to L: Keynote speaker and best selling mystery author Dean James,
Neal Lynn and author Vincent O'Neil.
The next morning everyone gathered at the Wetumpka Civic Center. The mayor, along with library director Susan Hayes and event coordinator Tammy Lynn, were there to welcome us.
Debby with Mayor Jerry Willis
I met so many delightful folks who love books and enjoy chatting with authors. Special thanks to Deb Hoyt and Muffin Hand for their gracious hospitality throughout the weekend. I feel like we're old friends.
Everyone had a good time!
Lots of interesting panel discussions.
L to R: Muffin Hand, Deb Hoyt, Lucie Barnes and Beth McGuire
add fun to the day in their movie star attire.
A special thank you to all those involved in hosting the event and to all the wonderful people in Wetumpka.

Happy reading! Happy writing!

Debby Giusti
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By Debby Giusti

Trusting the Wrong Person Can Be Deadly...
Lillie Beaumont's dark past has just turned up on her porch--fatally wounded. The dying words of the man imprisoned for killing Lillie's mother suggest hidden secrets. Criminal Investigations Division special agent Dawson Timmons agrees. He has his own motive for seeking the truth, and it gives Lillie every reason to doubt him. But even as they reluctantly begin to face painful secrets together, Dawson fears that a murderer is waiting to strike again. And this time, Lillie is right in the line of fire...